Is your convertible top worn out? Bring it to Branch
Brook Auto. We specialize in convertible top and rear
window, installation and replacement.
Whether its a new car that needs to be
tricked out or an old beater that needs some
love. Our greatly experienced staff can put
new life into any interior.
We don't just specialize in cars. Whether your tearing
it up on the streets or in the ocean Branch Brook it
Auto is your one stop shop for your interior Auto is
Branch Brook Auto can put a new boom in your car. If
you want that crazy system or you want to turn your car
into a moving theater Branch Brook Auto is the place.
We  can put a screen anywhere you want DVD, CD,
MP3, XBox, PS2, you name it.
We can replace existing worn out roofs or add them
to new cars. From vinyl to cloth, we can do them all.
New or old our expertise will give you the quality you
Make your Harley or chopper complete with a new seat
from Branch Brook Auto. Any color, design, texture,
leather, or fabric. We got it.